What is fitness?

It is a perspective and a state of mind – the courage to push through doubt, fear, and apprehension with little more than the power of hope, perseverance, and will.

It is the commitment to small choices and changes over time.

It is the embodiment of love and compassion for one’s self and others.

It is the active nurturing of one’s mind, body, and spirit.

It is the marriage of mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

It is the celebration of the human body and its capacity for movement and transformation.

It is the combination of nutrition and training.

It is community outreach and active engagement in your life and the lives of others.

It is a mindset that empowers you to do hard things, to never give up or in, and to continuously work towards self-improvement and personal development.

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Everything in life is a matter of perspective.

Did you notice what was missing?

While fitness often involves some kind of weight loss, fitness is not and never will be confined to a scale, a number, a diet, or any form of restriction or self loathing.

We embrace fitness, not because we hate our bodies, but because we love them and because we deserve to be healthy and happy.

This is what it means to be a BeachBody coach. This is what my challengers and team believe. This is what our journey looks like.


The 3 C’s: Commitment, Compassion, & Community

Why do I believe this program can work for you? Unlike many other fitness programs which focus, almost exclusively, on restriction, weight loss, and isolation, we focus instead, on what I call, the “3 C’s.”


The only way to be successful, regardless of your goals, is to make a commitment. Success is realized, not in big dreams and grand visions, but in small, seemingly insignificant, and often difficult choices day after day. It is the accumulation of these small choices and tiny moments that lead, over time, to drastic transformation.

You will not find a quick fix, a miracle pill, or an “easy” path here. What you will find are the tools to ensure your success day after day: a commitment to you, your nutrition, your fitness, and your overall health.


Fitness is, first and foremost, about health. And health is only possible if you first and foremost, love yourself.

The very nature of building strength and physical well being demands  failure. You must work to your limit, fail, and then, try again. It is in failure that we grow; it is beyond our comfort zone that change takes place. But you will never realize the transformative power of failure if you don’t love yourself enough to fail.

You must have compassion for yourself to make mistakes, to look silly, to try something new, to push beyond your comfort zone. You MUST love yourself enough to honor your body, make a commitment to a healthy nutrition plan, and invest both time and energy in the things that are good for you (sleep, clean foods, daily movement, positive relationships, and more!).


None of this is possible, though, alone. When it comes to most hard things, isolation is a recipe for failure.

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All things are better together

Isolation breeds contempt and self-loathing; it promotes stagnation and doubt; it nurtures fear; it sabotages all our best laid plans. To show compassion to yourself, to commit successfully to this journey, you need accountability, you need support, you need YOUR community.

And that is exactly what I provide – a wellness community of engaged and impassioned men and women working for your success. Individually, we can be weak and we can easily succumb to fear and doubt. Together, however, we are invincible. Let your team support you; let your team inspire strength you never knew you had; let your team push you past the inevitable “bleh” moments, all the times you want to quit or give in.

Success lies in the journey; your journey starts with you but it finishes with us.