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Me: Day 1 vs. Day 26

Are you ready to begin your fitness journey?

You may have purchased a gym membership and been one of the millions to stop utilizing that membership after just 3 months. You may have purchased a home gym that you now find gathering dust. You may have committed to fitness apps, crash diets, and electronic monitors only to find that they, like everything else, do not work in the long term. You may find yourself wondering why this program and this opportunity is different.

Our challenges follow the basic principles: daily physical exercise + healthy, balanced nutrition. But we add two key components that will ensure your success and that makes this more than another “workout” program: Accountability Community and One on One Coaching with Me.

My challenges combine daily at home workouts through BeachBody, mindful eating and nutrition plans, and coaching (from yours truly!). You will also be added to our growing accountability community.

In short, this program works because it approaches fitness differently. Rather than look at just a single aspect of fitness (what the scale says), I focus on every level – mind, body, and spirit. And I accomplish this by building a supportive community and by working one on one to empower you to realize your goals.

Are you ready?

You can choose between three different challenges every month:

1. Be Present: Mindfulness Challenge

Cost: Free

group of four people watching sunset on mountain
Learn to live in the present.

Starts: 1st Monday of every month

Duration: 7 days

Do you have difficulty focusing? Do you feel as though you are constantly living in the past or future? Is your day consumed by worries? Do you find yourself feeling that your days pass you by? Do you feel as though you lack the ability or the agency to make good things happen in your life?

Let’s change that.

Mindfulness is the art of living in the present, of utilizing your unique talents and powers to abandon the “monkey mind,” to focus on the present moment, and to take meaningful action in your life. During this challenge, you will outline your goals for long term health and wellness and work daily to cultivate mindfulness and inner focus.

No equipment or existing knowledge is required.

To register for the Mindfulness Challenge, click here and complete the registration form.

2. Eat Better: Mindful Eating Challenge

Cost: Free

colorful fruits and vegetables arrangement
Eat to fuel and celebrate your body.

Duration: 7 days

Starts: 1st Monday of every month

Are you looking to change the way you think and feel about food? Are you looking to foster a healthy relationship with your body? Do you want to learn more about nutrition, mindful eating, and how it would fit within a wellness program? Then this challenge is for you!

No equipment or existing knowledge is required.

To register for the Mindful Eating Challenge, click here and complete the registration form.

3. Fitness Challenge

Cost: $160-180+

woman on beach karate
Be fierce; Be bold. #strongissexy

Duration: 21-30 Days

Starts: 3rd Monday of every month

Ready for the next step? A Fitness Challenge combines mindful eating and self awareness with a nutrition and workout program tailored to your long term goals. You will utilize:

  • a year of daily, at home workouts that align with your specific goals
  • personalized nutrition plan built around mindful eating
  • daily, one on one support from your coach throughout your challenge
  • admittance to the challenge accountability community
  • support and encouragement from your community
  • 30 Day Supply 100% vegan protein super food to fuel your body
  • all required gear and fitness equipment for your at home workout

To register for a Personalized Fitness Challenge, click here and complete the registration form.