Mother, father, and child embrace in front of wood shed
Let your family be your greatest adventure.

I have spent many years travelling, exploring, wandering, and above all wondering what it means to live a fulfilling and happy life. At first, I thought this meant living on the edge, chasing adventure and danger on two wheels and two skis, dangling from a rope atop a multi-pitch trad climb in the Colorado mountains, chasing shadows and demons along a 14er’s spine, calculating risk and reward in the Rocky Mountain backcountry in the midst of a February avalanche cycle.

After four surgeries in just under two years and more close calls that I care to admit, it was obvious that this wasn’t the case. A fast life is an incredible one – but it is also inherently brief. In short (pun intended), I wanted more.

I went through the gauntlet of potential lives and loves – from poverty and close calls of a different kind in Cleveland, graduate studies and exploits in Boulder, the challenges and joys of marriage and children, and the difficulties inherent in finding and building a home, all the while bartending and working odd jobs to pay off debts and to make life work.

I threw myself into my career as a teacher and writer and my role as a mother. I poured my soul into the art of inspiring others to realize their potential. I found a calling in virtual classrooms. But even then, in the midst of this joy, I wanted more…

mountain biker rides through golden aspen grove.
Two wheels and one, united, Aspen heart.

I wanted to share more with my students than grammatically correct sentences and rocking thesis statements.

I wanted to share with my son the stability, security, and opportunity that I did not have access to growing up.

I wanted to share my story and have my life and words mean something beyond me.

I wanted to share with them…

…the joy of standing in the shadow of an alpine glow

…the thrill of setting forth a challenge and realizing it

…the power of a confident mind paired with a capable body

…the brilliance of a healthy lifestyle and a supportive community

…the importance of financial independence, spiritual well being, and mindfulness

…the beauty of building a story in love and sweat

I wanted to share with the world what it feels like to be both completely infinite and completely insignificant. I wanted to give YOU the gift of travel and to bestow upon YOU the power of wonder.


And I needed to make a living while I was at it.

How, then? How could I use my story to inspire you and to inspire the world beyond you? How could I teach them, how could I provide for them? And how could I build a career on a dream?

The answer? #coachlife.

mother and child work from computer.
Work it, from home and afar, mama-style.

Living and working as a coach means:

  1.  I have the opportunity to share my passion for self love, mindfulness, and whole body health with others.
  2.  I have the freedom of a flexible schedule, enabling me to live my best life, to manage my own time, and to do and be it all at once: a mother, a wife, a teacher, an athlete, and more…
  3. I have both independence and financial security, the ability to raise my son, to build a life, and to share those blessings freely with others.
  4. I have the ability to travel, to embrace adventures, and to celebrate an unconventional life full of unconventional loves.

Every day, I have the privilege of inspiring and motivating others to be their best selves and, in doing so, I have the ability to build, not only a better, healthier world, but a more secure, stable, and promising future for myself and my family.

Interested in living the #coachlife? Let me show you how. Click right here to get started.