Fitness Challenge

Mountain Shreddy

There is nothing that compares to the joy that comes with a dirt path, a strong body, and a brave heart.

“It is the compelling zest of high adventures…and of creative action that man finds his supreme joys” Antoine De Saint-Exupry

Mountain biking is challenging; it inspires joy and good times as it promotes both physical fitness and mental focus.

And, of course, it is a lot of fun.

Like all mountain sports, mountain biking demands training. The stronger you are = the more fun you can have (while drastically decreasing the risk of injury). You have to condition for a great bike season. But that…that training?

Not always so fun…

Let’s change that.

This spring, the Sol Unleashed Wellness Community is offering a Virtual Spring Mountain Bike and Dirt Bike Conditioning Clinic.

For 30 Days, we will:

+ Complete daily, at home 30 minute workouts to build endurance, cardio, flexibility, and strength (while shedding weight and inches)
+ Learn how to fuel our bodies like a mountain athlete with clean eating and energizing supplements
+ Practice drills to build our skills and stamina
+ Get expert riding advice and instruction from mountain athletes and guest coaches
+ Utilize yoga and mindfulness training to build razor sharp “singletrack” focus
+ Learn how to care for our bikes and our bodies to guard against malfunction and injury

The goal?

To get into rockin’ “mountain biking” shape, to conquer fear and obstacles, to discover and connect with like-minded bad#@! lovelies, and of course, to have an amazing experience in the process.

Cost: $220 for new members

Registration Deadline: April 13, 2018

Program Start: April 16, 2018

Purchase Price Includes:

  • Initial challenge work outs & skills clinic
  • Accountability community and coaching
  • Personalized nutrition planning
  • 30 day supply of nutrition supplements
  • Bands and sliders for fitness program
  • VIP Access to future challenges and clinics
  • Access to fitness programs and community for 1 year
  • Access to Sol Unleashed Wellness Community for 1 year

Let’s get #MountainShreddy! Click here to register.

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